Gentleman Reg at Kilby Court


Under any circumstances, Reg Vermue prompts a double-take.  Absent almost any pigmentation, he also swishes with the abandon you would expect of an openly-gay rock star.   My particular double-take was even more disconcerting.  I had been looking forward to his performance as Gentleman Reg at Kilby on June 8 for weeks.  However through some bad planning and plain ignorance, I arrived just in time to see Reg decompressing after his performance at the band van.

Gentleman Reg have released one of my favorite albums of the year, Jet Black.  The album, alternately soulful and pure indie pop, shows off a voice and range that remind me a lot of The Dears’ Murray Lightburn.  Listen to “You Can’t Get It Back” and “How We Exit,” two of the fantastic tracks on Jet Black, at

Duet 2Grudgingly sulking into Kilby with my worthless ticket to see headliner (!) A Camp, I did get to see Reg sing a duet with former Cardigan Nina Persson on “Golden Teeth and Silver Medals.”  Nina, by the way, looking regrettably like Avril Lavigne.

Note to self:  When only interested in the opening act at Kilby, arrive no later than 7:30 PM.

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