7 Songs That Made My Summer


I’m not sure what possesses so many people to declare maudlin and interminable songs like “Hellhole Ratrace” the quintessential summer video, but I found a lot of great tunes swirling around during Utah’s dog days.  Here are a few, not necessarily released in the summer, but perfect for listening when the days were sweltering. 

In no particular order:

1. Telekinesis! – “Tokyo” – OK I lied, there is some order here, this was tops.  The archetypal summer powerpop single.  “Tokyo” could have been ripped straight from the Hoodoo Guru’s Stoneage Romeos.  From the self-titled Telekinesis!

2. Phoenix “1901” Not trying to be a contrarian I realize “Lisztomania” is the song of choice from the new Phoenix album but I got stuck on “1901.”  I am counting on the band to crunch things up a bit at their Sept 19 Urban Lounge show from the somewhat sterile Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

UPDATE:  Apparently I am the last person on the planet to learn Phoenix cancelled their date tonight.  They spend the rest of the month heading east and south, and are off to Europe after Austin City Limits October 2.  What a real drag. 

3. Apostle of Hustle “Soul Unwind” – BSS guitarist Andrew Whiteman has this side project which I know nothing about.  Other than they wrote this calypso-influenced hip-shaker that should be listened to with an umbrella drink on a beach I didn’t get to visit this year.  From Eats Darkness.

4. Let’s Wrestle “We are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon” – Punk slackers on Stolen Recordings records, who also distribute Pete & the Pirates.  Music by and for unemployed 20-year-olds.  From In the Court of the Wrestling Lets.

5. Delorean “Seasun” – Distinct from Portland’s Dolorean, “Seasun” shines as summertime electronic bubblegum.  Primal Scream revisits 2009.  From Ayrton Senna EP.

And a couple of hardcore numbers:

6. P.O.S. “The Brave and the Snake” – Don’t know what it is with me and rap the last year.  But it’s hard to conjure much more conviction than Stefon Alexander’s penultimate lyrical climax, “And to the great escape!”  Video from Salt Lake’s finest converted garage, Kilby Court.   From Never Better.

7. Future.of.the.Left “Chin Music” – Punishing riff I can’t get enough of.  October 19 at Salt Lake City’s Urban Lounge with …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.  From Travels with Myself and Another.

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