Franz Ferdinand funks up Salt Lake

It’s not Tonight, but  Franz Ferdinand plays the Great Saltair soon.  The show is in about three weeks, on April 21.  FF light it up, and notwithtstanding a few hundred people scoring scene points, this should be an amazing show.  I wish they were playing the Depot so that we could enjoy them at Utah’s best venue.


Tonight:  Franz Ferdinand returns FF to the dancefloor funk that made their debut such a success.  “What She Came For” reminds me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Uplift Mojo Party Plan.  I enjoy some of the other 80’s nods throughout Tonight, including the unabashed disco of “Live Alone” and “What She Came For.”  Sometimes it’s a little Blondie, sometimes Depeche Mode.

The Saltair show is going to be a zoo, but this is a hard one to pass up.  Although there is plenty of nuance in Tonight, expect the singles up front.  So far, the album hasn’t turned too saccharine for me, so is it such a bad thing that they play the hits?

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