Get on the BOAT!

Hey kids guess who released their 4th record Tuesday?  BOAT, that’s who.  The band who made it cool to sing about your mom and seemingly invent lyrics on the fly have another fantastic outing with Dress Like Your Idols.  The first single, although BOAT is a band of nothing but singles, is “(I’ll Beat My Chest Like) King Kong.”  

Guess what else?  The owner of a certain Salt Lake record store whose name rhymes with banana told me one time that she knows a publicist at BOAT’s label, Magic Marker, and promised (or at least that’s the way I choose to remember it) to make the call and get a Utah show booked.  So stop by Slowtrain Records this weekend to buy a copy and badger the proprietors into pulling some strings!

“(I’ll Beat My Chest) Like King Kong”

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