Jessie Ware Free Yourself lyrics + full audio stream!

Jessie Ware Free Yourself lyrics and a stream of the full song here

Jessie Ware Free Yourself lyrics are easy enough–you can find them anywhere. But where can you learn more about the lyrics, listen to the song and – BONUS – hear the obscure alternative disco song you’ve never heard before?

Right here, so keep on reading and listening.

Jessie Ware Free Yourself Lyrics

Ware returned to her dance roots during the pandemic with the album What’s Your Pleasure? I remember listening to it at the time and reading Ware’s goal with the album, “Will this make people want to have sex?” It didn’t. Good enough tunes but I wasn’t really hooked.

Cut to 2023 and I’m trying to resist the temptation to buy new release That! Feels Good! The songs are ridiculously catchy, they’re just a bit of a sugar rush. My favorite of the album so far is “Free Yourself,” in which Ware once again shoots her shot with sensual lyrics and beats.

Free yourself
Keep on moving up that mountaintop
Why don’t you please yourself?
If it feels so good, then don’t you, baby

At the same time, maybe the song is about climbing an actual mountain and the cardiovascular benefits of regular exercise.

Jessie Ware Free Yourself lyrics are all about climbing a mountain? Or are they?

This is probably not the case, as she continues:

Don’t stand there waiting all of your life
For the night to come and find you
The clock is ticking, baby, now is the time
For someone to come and hold you

Jessie Ware Free Yourself lyrics not nearly as cool as the hook

For the year 2023, this is pretty tame stuff. I mean it’s been almost 35 years since The Divinyls and 40 years after Madonna. These days you have to produce more than ribald lyrics, and Ware delivers!

I love how she marries old school disco, the ELO strings and kind of a baggy Primal Scream beat. And her voice has never sounded better. “Free Yourself” honestly churns better than the much-discussed title track. Order Ware’s album from her website.

The bonus disco song you never knew you needed

Scottish band Texas wrote the best disco song that you need to listen to right here!

I’ve been waiting to write about “Mr. Haze” by Scottish band Texas for almost two years.

You’re probably thinking, “nothing says disco like Glasgow, Scotland.” For a moment, suspend disbelief. “Mr. Haze” was the second and criminally neglected single from the 2021 Texas album Hi.

In this case, the venerable Scotts sampled Donna Summer’s 1977 “Love’s Unkind” and transformed it into something completely their own and completely brilliant.

The Very Best of Texas comes out June 16. Pre-order now on the band’s website.

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