Songs I Loved in 2010

As I assemble a Best Albums of 2010 list, here is the first installment of individual tunes from the past year that I really enjoyed.  Most, not all, are from CDs that are NOT on my list of top albums, or are culled from an EP, or simply represent the occasional one-off download.  So supplement your listening of full-length releases with these nuggets. 

And look, Ma…no links! 

Consider it a small service:  Just click the media player on most songs and rock out without the aggravating and impossible distraction of opening a new window.  Actually there’s still a couple of links but for the most part I’ve done the work on your behalf because I love you.

“Odessa” by Caribou – from Swim.  Whereas 2007’s Andorra was total psychedelia, “Odessa,” Caribou’s first release from the April LP Swim is a minimalist freakout more akin to Hot chip.

“The Hundredth Time” by Gigi – from Maintenant.  Canadians who oddly…and sweetly…interpret (pervert?) 60’s pop with a teary male chorus that just seems more appropriate for Mary Wells.

“Icarus” by White Hinterland – from Kairos.  Enchanting number that seems to belong more to Iceland more than Oregon.

“Girls FM” by Happy Birthday – from Happy Birthday.  Who’d have ever thought there would be a Sub Pop band from Vermont?

“Someone’s Missing” by MGMT – from Congratulations.  An otherwise unnotable sophomore album highlighted by a straight-up brilliant Jackson 5 payoff at 1:45 into the song.

“My Chariot” by The Depreciation Guild – from Spirit Youth.  Kind of digging The Depreciation Guild more than The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, if truth be told.

“Constellations” by Darwin Deez – from Darwin Deez.  Plays Kilby Court January 21 and you are mighty encouraged to attend!

“21@12” by Hot Hot Heat – from Future Breeds.  Don’t know that HHH will ever return to the fighting strength of 2002’s Makeup the Breakdown but this song has crazy noodling synths I love.

“Them That Do Nothing” by Field Music – from Measure.  I have Prog issues.  I don’t like most of it, gives me bad dreams of junior high school.  But “Them That Do Nothing” is a snappy little song that richochets between your ears.

“The Fight” by Sia – from We are Born.  Yes the annoying girl who insists on painting her face and formerly trafficked in unremarkable loungey R&B also writes pretty dancy bubblegum pop.

“Rocket” by Goldfrapp – from Head First.  Having already impugned my list of favorite songs with Sia, why not add this tasty number from Goldfrapp?   ELO spaceship atmospherics included at absolutely no charge.  #1 song of the year by far for my 6-year-old daughter Rose.

“On the Beat” by Jaill – from That’s How We Burn.  Milwaukee’s Jaill turns out an entire album of angular guitar pop.  Vinnie Kircher sounds a lot like the Hoodoo Guru’s Dave Faulkner here, which is fabulous.

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