South American jangle pop: A brief introduction

Listen to the new South American jangle pop from Mañana El Espacio

What is it about me and South American jangle pop?! I honestly don’t understand it, specifically the words they’re singing. Stupid American. But I love the spirit from the continent and of course, the songs are brilliant. Even if you tend to be parochial or intimidated by foreign language lyrics, YOU NEED TO HEAR the debut album by Mañana El Espacio. I’ll even throw in a full translation of the album’s delightful lead track. And read on for a reminder of a gem from Argentina in 2021!

South American jangle pop savants, Mañana El Espacio

Album cover for Casi Nada Es Para Siempre by Mañana El Espacio. Listen to their Spanish jangle pop here!

Caracas band Mañana El Espacio has been dropping singles from this year’s Casi Nada Es Para Siempre since July 2020. Now wait. Before you check out because you’re seeing too many Spanish words that you don’t understand — let me translate to the world’s International Language: Jangle pop.

Jigsaw Records nails it with their description of Mañana El Espacio: “…a subtler Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (what, did he fly Peggy down to add those magical twinkling keyboards?) and its associated dreamier off-shoots (particularly The Depreciation Guild)…”

Specifically you hear the POBPAH in leadoff track, “Alguien M​á​s.”

No matter your language, that is jangle pop perfection!

But what is Mañana El Espacio singing about?

I probably listened to this album four times, completely ignorant of what Ricardo Vergara was saying. A friend of mine translated “Alguien M​á​s” (or “Someone Else”) and the lyrics are borderline endearing!*

“Today you’ll come across my door
But I’ll already be someone else.

I’ll already be someone else.

We’ll go visit the same old places
But I’ll already be someone else.
I’ll already be someone else”

Here is the complete lay translation of “Alguien M​á​s.”

translate Spanish pop song

It’s not just the leadoff track. So much about the record is memorable. Ever wondered what Sonic Youth would sound like if they played jangle pop and sang in Spanish? Wonder no more.

The jangle pop scene in Argentina

Listen here to new Spanish jangle pop from Argentina by Un Día Soleado

Let us not forget the lovely singles released last year by Argentina’s Un Día Soleado. The songs were bundled together this year, along with a few covers, as “y todo sigue igual​.​.​.​” Highlight “Skate 3,” is simply a marvel of indie jangle pop. No translation needed for so perfect a pop song.

Buy your first Spanish-language jangle pop record from Un Día Soleado.

Whether you speak English, Spanish or Portuguese…rock crosses all boundaries. Let your mind wander and buy these jangle pop releases from south of the Grenadines!

* I am 55-60% sure this photo is not copyright infringement

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