The Jockstrap Salt Lake City show! Here are 3 things to know

Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye bring us a Jockstrap Salt Lake City show in September

Who imagined this remarkable summer of live music would end with a Jockstrap Salt Lake City show!

British students Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye released my favorite album of 2022. Jennifer B, I Love You is a exquisite amalgam of funky electropop, glitchy dance beats, giant esoteric hooks and Ellery’s deliquescent vocals floating throughout.

This is — end of May? Even now, I find myself in random moments singing some loopy bridge from last year’s Jennifer B. What a gift to be able to see the Jockstrap Salt Lake City show just before the weather turns truly cold!

Here are 3 things you need to know about Jockstrap and the upcoming performance.

3 things about the Jockstrap Salt Lake City show

The Jockstrap Salt Lake City show will be at the Soundwell venue on 200 South

1. When and Where

First, Jockstrap will play the Soundwell venue on September 27. Soundwell is at 149 West on 200 South. Soundwell opened just a couple of years before The Corona and I have never been inside — however the publicity photos are a knockout.

2. How Much?

Second, only in Utah can you see a world class performance like Jockstrap for the low, low price of $22. Of course…with taxes, fees, handling, shipping and international freight, your final out-of-pocket is $32 from Tixr. Still a great value for your indie rock dollar.

3. Why Jockstrap?!

Third, dumb band name aside, Jockstrap beat out some real heavy-hitters to become my #1 album of 2022. Not persuaded? Here is Jockstrap’s “Glasgow” as a sample.

I can’t recommend enough that you drop $10 at Bandcamp for a digital copy of I Love You, Jennifer B. The compact disc, all in, is $17…vinyl is $27. You can also buy directly from Jockstrap at their website.

The Jockstrap Salt Lake City Show

Final note. As it happens, Georgia Ellery will play Soundwell twice in three weeks.

In her spare time outside of school and touring the world with Jockstrap, Ellery plays violin for Black Country, New Road. BCNR is (also) touring the world. After releasing Ants From Up There, singer Isaac Wood departed. As a result, the band wrote and is playing from an entirely new set of music. Ellery and Black Country, New Road play Soundwell on September 8.

I’ve bought my ticket for the Jockstrap Salt Lake City show. September 28 is now on my calendar as a perfectly fitting end to Summer 2023!