The Pains of Managing Your Music Budget

With no little sacrifice, I skipped a couple of promising shows this fall because the music dollar only goes so far when the country is still muddling through a deep financial rut. 

For instance I skipped Dutchess and the Duke, Great Lake Swimmers, Dinosaur Jr, and Le Loup.  A guy just has to make decisions.

America, your bands are suffering! 


Most regrettably, I passed on The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Kilby Court.  Instead I felt compelled to conserve my spending for the Phoenix concert that was originally scheduled six days later at the Urban Lounge.  Morning of the show, I learned it had LONG AGO been cancelled and that Phoenix would soon be headed overseas. 


By now Salt Lake’s touring season has wound down.  The first two weeks of November included shows like Art Brut, Fanfarlo, and Joshua James.  And then not so much in the way of headline-making performances until next year.

So here’s a benefit.  I consolidated my limited music budget into CD purchases since I didn’t see as many shows coming up that I was interested in.  In fact, in one fell swoop yesterday I bought several discs that I had been trying to find used all year.  The end of November is pretty much a cut point.  No more time to lurk around the used section if I want to assemble a partially cogent Best Of list.

I kept my shopping list pretty well focused on things that could be Top 20 candidates like Grizzly Bear, Brakes, and Brother Ali.  Plus I found a promo copy of Soundtrack of Our Lives “Communion” for a buck. 

I loves me some TSOOL and it was One.  Freaking.  Dollar. 

I think I’m going back today for The Antlers “Hospice” and I special ordered 3 or 4 groups I couldn’t wait on any longer like BOAT and Cornershop.

So…a little buying splurge but only because the live shows are drying up.  Makes me wish I hadn’t skipped some of those acts earlier this year.  One other opportunity is to take in a few local artists that I need to be more familiar with. 

What’s a recession for, if not keeping your money local?

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