50 Songs Brought to You By the Year 2009, Part I

These are some of my favorite songs from the concluding year.  Songs not singles.  I have never been entirely confident of the single concept nor do I feel bound by what the band or record label decide is their money tune. 

They are generally, but not exclusively, pulled from albums that aren’t in my evolving Top 10 list for 2009.  Too, they are less in order of priority than listed chronologically as I noted them in my Blackberry.  One other note:  The author does not guarantee certain songs were not released on Latvian 7″ in 2008, or are actually covers of krautrockers Can or Donna Summer, certain limitations apply, mileage my vary, see your dealer for details.

One question this has brought up with a few people:  Why don’t I pay the $20 or whatever to WordPress to archive my audio so that you can play the songs right off my blog?  Some day I may do that, but the legal workaround might be a bit impolitic because of my current employer and position in the media. 

Click on any of these now-fully-disclaimed-songs to hear my choices for Part I:

Iran“I Can See the Future” from Dissolver.  Former experimental rocker Aaron Aites cleans up nicely on this radio-ready track.

Asobi Seksu“Familiar Light” from Hush.  Rhythmically exciting dream pop.

Black Lips“Starting Over” from 200 Million Thousand.

Gun Outfit – “Guilt and Regret” from Dim Light.  Wide open rockabilly mash-up of Lou Reed, X, and Lamb Chop.

Mazes“I Have Laid in the Darkness of Doubt” from Mazes.  Enchanting lullaby from 1900’s side project.

The Phantom Band“The Howling” from Checkmate Savage.  Dark guitar rock with a little Who thrown in.

Elvis Perkins“123 Goodbye” from Elvis Perkins in Dearland.  This album is one of my big disappointments, but 1,2,3 is a song worthy of debut Ash Wednesday.  Hearkening to his dead parents, Elvis writes, “The songs are their grandchildren they didn’t get to meet.”

Dan Deacon“Red F” from Bromst.  Dan went a little more mainstream after Spiderman of the Rings.  The payoff about 2:00 into “Red F” is heart-pumping joy.

Other Lives“Black Tables” from Other Lives.  Look, I know there is no indie-acceptable way to admit that I bought this CD for this one song and I recognize it is total adult alternative Coldplay rehash.  But I love it.  And it’s my list.

Michael Zapruder“Ads for Feelings” from Dragon Chinese Coctail Horoscope.

Great Lake Swimmers“Pulling on a Line” from Lost Channels.  I was a bit tepid about Tony Dekker’s previous album–I’m sorry I can’t recall if it was in fact Ongiara I downloaded or Bodies and Minds.  But this one I really liked.  “Pulling on a Line” is warm and universal like Iron & Wine.

Metric“Sick Muse” – from Fantasies.  How can you complain about this chorus?  Video from the “Sick Muse” video contest.

Micachu“Vulture” – from Jewellery.  Don’t know exactly what to do with Micachu, some kind of twee/math rock hybrid.  But this song is fun to challenge yourself with.

Passion Pit“Little Secrets” – from Manners.

Apostle of Hustle“Soul Unwind” from Eats Darkness.  My mind is full of mush, I can’t quite place the 80’s influence on this one–The Police I think.

God Help the Girl“God Help the Girl” from (yes) God Help the Girl.  It sounds like Zooey Deschanel (It’s not) and the sing-off backstory to GHTG is art school pretentious but there’s no getting around it’s a nice ditty.

Star Death and White Dwarfs“New Heat” from The Birth.  Galloping 60’s psychedelia fronted by Dennis Coyne, nephew of the Flaming Lips’ Wayne.

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