50 Songs Brought to You By the Year 2009, Part II

These are some of my favorite songs from the concluding year.  Songs not singles.

They are generally, but not exclusively, pulled from albums that aren’t in my evolving Top 10 list for 2009.  Too, they are less in order of priority than listed chronologically.  One other note:  The author does not guarantee certain songs were not released on Latvian 7″ in 2008, or are actually covers of krautrockers Can or Donna Summer, certain limitations apply, mileage my vary, see your dealer for details.

Click on any of these songs to hear my choices for Part II:

Tortoise“Northern Something” from Beacons of Ancestorship.  You can’t lose with two drum kits pounding away at once.

Delorean“Seasun” from Ayrton Senna EP.  I have this hangup with EP’s.  I don’t normally buy them.  But “Seasun” put this on my list.  This song and the following one are definitely among my top 2 or 3 songs of the year!

Telekinesis!“Tokyo” from Telekinesis!  I’ve listened to this song about thirty times I bet.  Angular pop of the highest order hearkening to Hoodoo Gurus.

Wye Oak“Take it In” from The Knot.

Future.of.the.Left“Chin Music” from Travels With Myself and Another.  Check out the riff between verses!  Wish I hadn’t missed this show in SLC.

Let’s Wrestle“We are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon” from In the Court of the Wrestling Lets.  The video adequately portrays Let’s Wrestle’s general arrested development.  But how about the bah-bah-bah’s in the chorus?!

Phoenix“1901” from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

P.O.S.“The Brave and the Snake” from Never Better.  Devastating lyrics and climax.  Rap lives!

Eat Skull“Talkin’ Bro in the Wall Blues”  from Wild and Inside.  An album I otherwise found a little too esoteric.  But “Talkin’ Bro” has some inspired moments.

Grand Archives“Witchy Park/Tomorrow Will” from Keep in Mind Frankenstein.  Too much folk music this year.  But the resolution in “Tomorrow Will” was one of 2009’s sweetest offerings.

David Bazan“God Bless This Mess” from Curse Your Branches.  My theme song this year.

The Big Pink“Dominoes” from A Brief History of Love.  Am I a complete sellout because I like bubblegum pop like “Dominoes?”  Maybe.  But the hooks can’t be ignored.

Early Day Miners“So Slowly” from The Treatment.

Cymbals Eat Guitars“And the Hazy Sea” from Why There Are Mountains.  More than a Pavement knockoff, this album was a real grower for me.

Daniel Johnston“Queenie the Doggie” from And Always Was.  We West Virginians hold a special place in our hearts for favorite son Daniel Johnston.  Bias aside, this may be my favorite song of 2009.  Even with the needless production it is childlike, saccharine, and utterly without guile.

Music Go Music“Light of Love” from Expressions.  Instructions for happiness:  Turn up to 11 this ABBA/ELO tribute by Bodies of Water.  Repeat as necessary.

Tyvek “Hey Una” from Tyvek.  Detroit’s new Stooges.

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