Argentina jangle pop: Un Día Soleado

The Argentina jangle pop of Un Día Soleado

Well it’s been a minute. Welcome back.

At one time. I confessed these music reviews wouldn’t be about DISCOVERING new music. Well today we’ll do exactly that — exploring together the wonderful world of Argentina jangle pop.

Argentina jangle pop, from a bedroom in Viedma

Argentina jangle pop album by un día soleado

Last year, the mostly unknown members of Argentina’s Un Día Soleado released four singles and a live EP. In March 2022, they bunched those together in the promising release, y todo sigue igual​.​.​.​ It includes last year´s singles, the live cuts and a few covers. Tremendous bedroom pop for all.

Fast foward to this week, KEXP challenged Twitter to volunteer acts to perform for a week of live performances in Buenos Aires. I had been listening to Un Día Soleado just 30 minutes before, thanks to a mostly-random post I read on Janglepophub. This seemed like fate — how could it not be? — and I added Un Día Soleado to the Twitter wishlist.

The band wryly notes on their YouTube page that some indie label should pick them up. Yes — and ahead of that — a scrappy, up-and-comer spot with KEXP in September, please.

This is indie jangle pop perfection!

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  1. Darrin Lee June 26, 2022 / 1:02 am

    Thank you for the JanglePopHub mention…so glad we turned you onto this superb artiste…regards Darrin

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