The Valery Trails Australian rock drops sugary new single

The Valery Trails Australian rock band members Andrew and Sean Bower plus Dan McNaulty

For nine of The Valery Trails‘ twelve years, brothers Andrew and Sean Bower collaborated on releases from, respectively, Houston and Brisbane. The Valery Trails Australian rock, which includes fellow Aussie Dan McNaulty, has released three albums starting with 2012’s Ghosts and Gravity…all the while separated by 8,344 miles of Pacific Ocean.

Since the corona, Andrew has returned to his native Australia and we’re seeing the results of that propinquity in 2022. February saw TVT release two EP’s, Introvert Blues and Disappear, which feel like tasty mashups of Bob Mould and Drive-by Truckers.

“Jaisalmer” is new single from The Valery Trails Australian rock

The Valery Trails Australian rock deliver with their new single "Jaisalmer"

This week comes the first single from The Valery Trails‘ fourth album, The Sky is Blue. “Jaisalmer” sounds like FUEL-era Sugar splurging on a brass section for an appearance with David Letterman.

Download “Jaisalmer” at Bandcamp. The Sky is Blue releases Aug 12. Buy any of The Valery Trails past releases or TVT merchandise at their website.

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