Download Like a Pirate

Today is the  insufferably self-amused Talk Like a Pirate Day.  What better way to avoid criminally not funny imitations of Johnny Depp than by downloading a free EP by Pete and the Pirates.

One of my favorite labels, UK’s Stolen Recordings is offering a free EP of Pete and the Pirates demos called Precious Tones.  The short-player is full of angular, super-catchy audience sing-a-longs like “Selina.”  The band also steps down to smoother compositions like “My Sun Hat” that resemble PATP side project Tap Tap.

It’s been more than two years since Little Death, one of 2008’s best records.  Until the band finishes its new CD, treat yourself to Pete and the Pirates’ free download for the cost of your e-mail address.  We can also hope they tour more broadly, having only stopped ashore for brief appearances in New York and Austin.

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