What I Did on my Summer Vacation

The highlight of August was our 3 week trip to Bali, an Indonesian paradise off the coast of Australia.  A sly observer snapped this moment when Alexandra and I were perched over a lovely sunset at dusk.  Ah, it was a winsome time those precious days on the other side of the planet. 

Actually none of that is true I spent August like most of you, grinding away at work.  The photograph is obviously photoshopped.  Seriously, who does that?  Characters in Avatar, that’s who. 

While I haven’t posted for several weeks, I did keep up on new music and I hope that you did, too.  And Labor Day was a good reminder to update you on what will undoubtedly be the finest collection of live shows in Salt Lake since I moved here.  The highlights which I personally suggest you begin saving for now:

Sept 25 School of Seven Bells.  Really liked Disconnect from Desire in a way that I didn’t SoSB debut.
Sept 28 Erik  Blood.  Swooning, shoegazing, homoerotic songs from Seattle.  Never thought I would string those 3 descriptors together in one sentence.
Oct 8 Surfer Blood and The Drums.  Don’t let the blog buzz scare you.  Both bands are worth your hard-earned rock dollar playing alone, certainly together.
Oct 18 Phantogram.  One of this year’s many great dance records is Phantogram’s Eyelid Movies.
Oct 19 LCD Soundsytem and Hot Chip.  Strictly commercially speaking, this is the hottest tour in the country.  And for good reason…don’t miss it.
Oct 22 Sleigh Bells.  Friend of mine saw Sleigh Bells in Jacksonville and was sold on their song “Infinity Guitars.”
Nov 2 Best Coast.  Singer Bethany Cosentino croons Best Coast’s surf-garage pop somewhere between Patsy Cline and Kim Deal.
Nov 6 P.O.S.  I’ve missed I bet five P.O.S. appearances in Salt lake the last two years, so I won’t miss November’s punk rap performance.

See the complete list in the right column of the home page, which is finally updated after recovering from the jetlag from Bali.

UPDATE:  The LCD Soundsystem show at The Complex, a venue I am still not sure actually exists, has been cancelled.  Sucks for everyone else but good for me because I was going to miss the show of the year because of a trip to DC.  Also the September 23 Phoenix show has been moved to In the Venue from the equally mysterious Rail Center.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:  Crushing defeat.  Kilby’s Sept 28 booking is apparently not with Erik Blood of Seattle but Eric Blood of Orem.  A nice guy, I’m sure, but Orem’s EB quotes as his influences Phish, Dave Matthews, and Jack Johnson.  And that’s enough said about that.

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