Happy Record Store Day!


Every February 7, America celebrates Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day, while Winnie the Pooh Day is tragically ignored each year on January 18 because of its proximity to MLK observances.  And in September we honor our country’s finest on Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day.  Yet it took our nation’s founders 2008 years to commemorate National Record Store Day.

The third Saturday in April is set aside to honor the 700 independent record stores in the U.S. who are the loyal foot soldiers in an epic battle to create more piquant musical taste.  What can you do on National Record Store Day?  Personally, I used it as an excuse to get out of the house after an interminable children’s gymnastics birthday party.  But you can also buy releases exclusive to RSD like My Morning Jacket and Iron & Wine live CD’s or a Flaming Lips/Black Keys 7″ split.

In Salt Lake, kindly shopkeepers Chris and Anna at Slowtrain Records also lined up The Rubes and 9 other bands to play (Record Store Day record?), gave away a lot of nice prizes like a USB turntable, catered the event with pizza and drinks, and scored special guest host Steve Carell!  Actually I made the part up about Steve Carell but I think that would be a cool idea for next year.  I also picked up Tom Vek’s “We Have Sound” for $1 and the new Gentleman Reg for a bit more.

Remember in responsible households, EVERY DAY is Record Store Day!




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