Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup update! Listen to headliners Weyes Blood, Alex G here

Update on the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup.  New bands announced!

Blockbuster final guests for the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup!

The Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup has been finalized.

When promoters announced the Kilby Block Party SLC five weeks ago, they left some sly holes in their lineup. The poster was filled with stars as placeholders for bands that hadn’t been finalized. One of the acts TBD had top billing with Pavement and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Imagine the logistics of coordinating dozens of bands into a 3-day window, dickering with band managers and site coordinators. Add to that, multiple top-shelf artists TBA. Now we know who the Kilby Block Party has added, and they’re as exciting as anyone announced to date for the Kilby Block Party SLC.

Mystery bands revealed for the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup

Some new big names are coming as part of the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup. Here’s a quick rundown of new bands. These are roughly in order of my personal preference and not top billing.

Weyes Blood

Weyes Blood announced for the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup

The heralded artist known for 2019’s Titanic Rising and last year’s And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow, Natalie Mering has enchanted audiences with her emotive, chamber folk songs. Mering came to prominence just one year before the corona, so audiences are only now getting widespread opportunity to experience her live.

Here is “Everyday” from Titanic Rising.

Bookmark the Kilby Block party daily lineup right here:

Alex G

Alex G will play in SLC this spring!

God bless his heart, on God Save the Animals, Alex Giannascoli finally gave in and used professional engineers to record a series of songs about God and animals. Previously, Alex G insisted on doing most of the work from home. I’ve listened and re-listened to God Save the Animals the last several months to synch with those who compare Alex G to the incomparable Elliot Smith.

Make no mistake Alex G is a giant “get” for the Kilby Court Block Party 2023 lineup. I’m excited to see him play!

Here is one of Kilby’s best acts you may not know! Listen to Cuco right here!

Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf will play the Kilby Block Party SLC

Funky pop soul with an NC-17 rating. Former alpine ski Olympic hopeful and American Idol contestant, Remi Wolf’s 2021 debut Juno received considerable attention. It’s pretty heady stuff, a bit of SZA, The B-52’s and The Go! Team. In fact, sampling Juno made me want to go back and listen to Thunder, Lightening, Strike.

Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike announced for the Kilby Block Party

Euphoria actor, rapper, TikTokker

Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup tickets – New info on Super VIP’s. READ THIS

Organizers of the Kilby Court Block Party 2023 lineup obviously didn’t price themselves out of the market.

According to Kilby’s website, 3-Day Super VIP Passes are sold out. You can still buy regular, not-super 3-day VIP passes for $328. A small number of single day Super VIP passes are still available at $202 per day. General admission for all three days is $234.

Credit and payment plans accepted at

ALL OF THAT SAID, tonight I ordered and received a 3-day Super VIP Pass for the Kilby Court Block Party despite Kilby’s notice the ultra-super-incredible 3-day passes were sold out (see fine print in comments).

After taxes, fees, freight licenses, surcharges, inheritance and ZAPP taxes, my cost was was $432.51. Not a small amount and this includes no parking. But IT DOES get you super premium viewing and some kind of access to food trucks and alcohol that is not a cash bar.

Here’s to trusting your favorite music blogger has discovered a few of these super amazing tickets are still available.

Do it!!

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