Wednesday’s Song: Little Secrets


This is what it looks like to be as happy as Michael Angelakos and Passion Pit.  I don’t know what it feels like to experience this kind of easygoing joy because 1/ I have not recently released a hit record and 2/ I was not born into money and am not currently on sabbatical from an effete private college in Boston.

According to a review of their Bowery Ballroom Show in the New York Times this week, Passion Pit recorded the vocals for “Little Secrets” with the chorus from Public School 22 on Staten Island.  They highlight the album Manners, which was released last month.  If you couldn’t get enough of MGMT’s synthesized throwback, you’ll certainly love  Michael Angelakos and Passion Pit. 

Stem tracks of “Little Secrets” have been passed around and remixed 100 times since the workparts were released for an April contest.  That aside, try the assembled album version.  “Little Secrets” will make you smile.  But you still won’t be as happy as Passion Pit.

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