The Kilby Block Party: See the daily schedule reveal right here!

Kilby Court has revealed its daily lineup

Stop, this is Important Stuff: The daily Kilby Block Party lineups are now visible!

Organizers have done a fab job building out the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup, which just gets better each day. The Kilby Block Party SLC info has been out there kind of low key at the 24tix website where you buy tickets. It’s now also tucked inside the FAQs, but not headlined in any way.

So here are your headlines:

FRIDAY: Japanese Breakfast, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Cuco
SATURDAY: Run the Jewels, Weyes Blood and Alex G
SUNDAY: The Walkmen, Parquet Courts and what I predict will be a legendary show by Pavement.

Oh also on Sunday, The Pixies, whatever that means anymore.

If you’re wondering what day to spend your hard-earned rock and roll dollar, this may help. No times but generally your marquee acts will play later in the day.

The Kilby Block Party Friday (May 12)

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Japanese Breakfast
  • Cuco
  • Deerhoof
The YYY, Japanese Breakfast, Cuco and Deerhoof will all be part of the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup

  • Also on Friday: Dominic Fike, Remi Wolf, Lucius, Ritt Momney, Frankie Cosmos, Jean Dawson, Alice Phoebe Lou, Westerman, Julie, Momma, NoSo, Miya Folick, The Plastic Cherries, Homephone, Sunhills

Read about LISTEN TO every Friday band in the Kilby Block Party Friday lineup right here

Kilby Block Party Saturday (May 13)

  • Run the Jewels
  • Weyes Blood
  • Alex G
  • The Strokes
More bands playing the Kilby Block Party SLC this year: Run the Jewels, Weyes Blood, Alex G and The Strokes

  • Also on Saturday: Hippo Campus, Caroline Polacheck, Goth Babe, Osees, Gus Dapperton, Indigo De Souza, Dreamer Isioma, The Moss, Wallice, Tamino, Grace Ives, Tanukichan, Sunsleeper, Kipper Snack, Hi Again, Anais Chantal, Josh Doss & The Cancers

The Kilby Block Party Sunday (May 14)

  • Pavement
  • The Walkmen
  • Parquet Courts
  • The Pixies
The final night of the Kilby Block Party will include Pavement, The Walkmen, Parquet Courts and The Pixies

  • Also Sunday: The Backseat Lovers, Surf Curse, Faye Webster, Crumb, Ethel Cain, Wednesday, Kate Bollinger, Spill Tab, Mannequin Pussy, Deeper, Tolchok Trio, Worlds Worst, Fonteyn, Backhand, Musor


Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Pixies and Weyes Blood will be May 12-14 at the Utah State Fairgrounds

Tickets for the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup

So, good news right now, the only sold out tickets are 3-day Super VIP and Saturday Super VIP. Standard 3-day VIP tickets and 1-day VIP tickets for Friday and Sunday are still out there. Honestly, I’m not sure why I did the Super deal, the standard 3-day VIP tickets include premium viewing areas, re-entry, some kind of access to an overpriced bar, etc. Still a good investment.

Standard VIP for 3 days is $299. General admission for 3 days is $209. Spend the extra $90 believe me. All available right here.

Kilby Block Party SLC parking

It’s not great.

Apparently you can reserve parking during ticket checkout, which I didn’t do. Now that I’ve bought my tickets, I don’t see a way to go back and just pay for parking separately from my ticket purchase.

UPDATE: I found a link for official Kilby parking here. The information was actually included in the fine print of my original e-mail ticket receipt, so I herewith absolve Kilby organizers of parking neglect.

You’re probably going to end up spending $20 or $30 a day on the private lots. You can also take your chances leaving your car at the abandoned Wienerschnitzel and buy a side of Fentanyl on your way in. Or you can park downtown and ride in on Trax.

Lockers, chargers, all the Coachella photo ops!

Lockers serve as a meet up location and storage for merch and approved bags you don’t want to carry all day. Importantly, the locker is also a charging station for your phone after all those pointless, long-range shots over the really tall bros standing in front of you.

The lockers are $20 a day and you clean out your stuff before leaving like a Planet Fitness. For $60, you get a locker for three days and you can leave your leftover gyro in there until Sunday.

Daily schedule for Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup

The Kilby Court Block Party 4 is May 12-14

I hope these lineup and ticket updates are useful. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting profiles of some of the artists where you can read and hear their songs before they appear.

Have a question or comment about the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup or logistics? Email me at the address in the About section of the Zerovu website. You can also subscribe for e-mail alerts below.

May will be here before we know it!

These are three of my favorite headliners at KBP4…what are yours?!

Television founder, punk legend, Tom Verlaine passing at 73. What we know about his death

Tom Verlaine passing comes as surprise.  A tribute to the iconic leader of New York's Television.

Marquee Moon is one of those few albums you’ll always remember hearing for the first time. Now thousands of fans may remember where they were when they heard of Tom Verlaine passing. He was 73.

Music pioneer Tom Verlaine passing away comes as shock

Jesse Paris Smith, the daughter of Patti Smith, with whom Verlaine frequently collaborated, announced his death today after a “brief illness.”

Best known for his groundbreaking work in the influential art punk band Television, Verlaine was an immense influence on the punk rock scene and his death leaves a lasting impression on a generation of fans.

Tom Verlaine, born Thomas Miller on December 13, 1949, had a music career that stretched back to the early 1970s, when he co-founded the influential punk band Television alongside Richard Hell and Richard Lloyd.

The band made a massive impact on the punk scene with their influential albums Marquee Moon (1977) and Adventure (1978). Verlaine released a string of solo albums throughout his career, including the highly acclaimed Tom Verlaine (1979) and Dreamtime (1981).

Verlaine rose to fame as the front man of influential 1970’s band Television

Tom Verlaine passing today ends a remarkable career that started with Marquee Moon in 1977.

Television formed in New York City in 1973, and quickly made a name for themselves with their unique blend of punk and avant-garde rock. Their debut album, Marquee Moon, released in 1977, is considered a classic of the genre. It was a major influence on the punk and alternative rock scenes that followed.

Verlaine’s guitar technique and lyrical style

Verlaine’s guitar playing was unlike anything else of his time. It blended elements of punk, blues, and jazz to create a sound that was both raw and sophisticated. His use of dissonance and complex chord progressions was a major influence on many guitarists who came after him.

Verlaine’s influence on the music world extends far beyond just his guitar playing. He was known for his poetic and literate lyrics. They often dealt with themes of alienation and urban life. He was also a major influence on the New York City music scene, helping to pave the way for the punk and alternative movements of the 1970s and 80s.

Tom Verlaine’s passing hard to believe

Before Tom Verlaine’s passing, I probably hadn’t listened to Marquee Moon for 15 years. Until about two months ago. I brought it back out to remind myself of some of the tonality that Television achieved.

Those opening bars of “See No Evil” are iconic to me as anything in rock music. Marquee Moon was as impeccable that November night in 2022 as it was when it transformed the New York scene in 1977.

“See No Evil” – Television (Marquee Moon)

With Tom Verlaine’s passing, he now sees the Torn Curtain. Rest in peace.

Stop and listen to these 15 alternative songs new to January 2023

Listen to these indie songs new in 2023

I made a deliberate decision to jump start 2023 by listening to the first great alternative songs new to January.

That’s what you’re going to hear below. While the first couple weeks of the year always seem to be catchup mode on Best Of lists for the year before, you will 100% fall in love with the new music already dropping in 2023.

Let’s have a listen!

Alternative songs new for your January playlist

Each of these songs shot out of the cannon in the first four weeks of the new year.

I haven’t finished listening to all the indie songs new to January, but these are the ones that caught my immediate attention. Each tune comes with a link to buy the song or album and support the artist. Make that a new year’s resolution in 2023! Support independent musicians by paying them for their art!

1. “Dark Moon” – GRMLN (Dark Moon)

You can hear GRMLN's new dream pop song, "Dark Moon" here.  One of the best alternative songs new to January 2023!

We were just four days into the new year when Yoodoo Park of Kyoto, Japan, released Dark Moon and its tasty title track. Park’s GRMLN has been at this for a decade and doesn’t find these dream pop guitar lines by accident. I didn’t hear an entire album of these hooks on Dark Moon but the title track is one of the promising alternative songs new to January 2023.

Listen to more of Dark Moon and buy a copy from GRMLN at Bandcamp.

HEY! – Check out my very favorite songs of the Year 2022

2. “Mile Marker 29” – The Bad Ends (The Power and the Glory)

REM's Bill Berry returns with a new album with band, The Bad Ends

You know who you don’t hear a lot about in the year 2023? REM drummer Billy Berry.

Bill’s been taking it easy – the royalty checks probably still clear. After a health scare in the 90’s, Berry has been hay farming outside Athens the last 25 years. A chance meeting with Mike Mantione lead to new band The Bad Ends and Berry’s return to music. Have a listen to “Mile Marker 29.”

Order your copy of The Power and the Glory from Bandcamp.

3. “Falling Apart” – The Rills (After Taste EP)

The Rills upcoming EP includes several alternative songs new to January. For Franz Ferdinand fans!

The Rills have a super dancy Franz Ferdinand thing happening.

It was especially clear on “Landslide,” which The Rills released last fall. Two weeks ago, they dropped “Falling Apart.” The Rills’ second EP, depending on where you get your info, will be available in February.

Get your copy of the After Taste EP here.

4. fine. – “New Skin/Good Life” (Love, Death, Dreams and the Sleep Between)

Check out Boston's indie pop band called "fine." Clearly one of the best alternative songs new to January

What I really dig about Boston’s fine. is this grade school choir sound they’ve perfected.

Bubblegum pop songs by Alice Kat and Liam James Marsh will wake you from your winter doldrums and get you dancing again. Although I’m including fine. in my January list of tunes…Love, Death, Dreams came out three days before Christmas, so sue me. Hit play and fall in love!

Buy Love, Death, Dreams and the Sleep Between from Subjangle.

5. “Ethel” – The Murder Capital (Gigi’s Recovery)

The Murder Capital include a tribute to LCD Soundsystem in "Ethel"

The Murder Capital don’t care if search to find the melodies in Gigi’s Recovery. But the Dubliners are also so good at what they do, they can’t keep the hooks from bursting through the dissonance.

You’ll hear TMC winking at James Murphy’s masterpiece “All My Friends” in their drooping cacophony, “Ethel.” It’s a slow build, so don’t give up on this one.

They come to Kilby Court in April!

Get ready for The Murder Capital’s SLC show and buy Gigi’s Recovery.

6. “Past Tense” – The Spooky Boys (single)

Portland's The Spooky Boys aren't spooky, they rock!

Let me tell you what I know about The Spooky Boys, which is close to nothing. They’re billed as “Portland’s premier indie/surf rock group featuring jangly dripping wet guitars, relentless driving rhythm, and insatiable catchy melodies.” Admittedly I didn’t know “jangly wet guitars” was a thing, nor that The Spooky Boys were Portland’s exemplar.

I DO KNOW superior power pop when I hear it. So check out one of the best indie songs new to 2023, “Past Tense.”

Buy “Past Tense” at the Spooky Boys’ website.

7. “White Shirt” – Priestgate (One Shade Darker EP)

If you like The Cure and the pop appeal of The Alarm, you're going to love Priestgate

If Priestgate look miserable, their single “White Shirt” is a delirious balance of pop sugar and darker 80’s Cure vibes. I’m looking forward to hearing Priestgate’s second EP due on March 3. I have to say I love the rhythm and vocal desperation of “White Shirt.”

Pre-order One Shade Darker at Bandcamp.

8. “Huge New Her” – Fucked Up (One Day)

F'd Up, the hardcore band who redefined the genre, have a new album

I get it, a band with a name and sound like Toronto’s FU is not going to appeal to everyone reading this post, and that’s a shame.

The arrangements and (honestly) melodies underneath Damian Abraham’s vocals are second to none. It is remarkable hardcore guitar rock. Hang with it for two minutes and think about what songs like “Huge New Her” would sound like with actual singing.

My FU collection goes back, if not to their origin, to their remarkable David Comes to Life. Abraham sang a bit more on David than on One Day. So, for context, a bonus track: “The Other Shoe” from 2011’s landmark David Comes to Life.

Here’s how to get Fucked Up (heh).

This year’s One Day is at Merge Records while 2014’s Glass Boys is at Matador Records. You can sample and buy dozens of other FU releases, including David Comes to Life, from Bandcamp.

Okay, do you trust me now to hear my favorite albums of 2022? They’re right here!

9. “Cuchillos” – LISASINSON (Un Año De Cambios)

Spanish language indie songs new in January inclucde LISASINSON's "Chuchillos"

On no planet was I going to suggest a batch of my favorite alternative songs new to January without some of the best Spanish-language indie pop (*makes note to subscribe to Rosetta Stone). “Cuchillos” is the fourth single from LISASINSON’s pending full length. I’ve already started following Elefant Records to make sure I don’t miss the album by the Valencia, Spain art students.

Buy “Cuchillos” or the upcoming album Un Año De Cambios from Elefant Records.

10. “Skeleton Boy” – Strange Neighbors (Party of None EP)

Strange Neighbor's "Skeleton Boy" is an alternative party song waiting to happen

Let’s stick with the power pop sound. I bet Strange Neighbors are a fun show. Just look at them, having fun with a camera like good self-entertaining kids. The Party of None EP came out two weeks ago, and I recommend you download and inject one of the indie songs new to January that will get your party started.

Strange Neighbors’ Party of None awaits at Bandcamp.

11. “Palm Trees” – Fran (Leaving)

Chicago's Fran released the lovely album Leaving in January.  Listen to "Palm Trees" here

This month Chicago singer-songwriter Maria Jacobson released her second album, Leaving. It’s sweeping acoustic folk with song titles like “Winter” and “God.” Those feel like difficult motifs to live up to. Much of this rests on Fran’s voice and lyrics, like Weyes Blood striped bare of the chamber orchestra.

Buy Leaving from Fran’s website.

If you like Fran (above) and alt country generally, check out my favorite albums last year!

12. “Still Life” – R. Ring (War Poems, We Rested)

Kelley Deal is back with a nbew album in January with R. Ring

Kelley Deal, Kim’s twin and most famous sister, delivers on R. Ring with partner Mike Montgomery.

Deal is involved in a ton of stuff in addition to R. Ring, including Breeders reboots and Protomartyr. I love Kelley’s comeback story, the Breeders’ icy cool baked into R. Ring and her indie rock confidence. Check out the payoff halfway through War Poems’ lead, “Still Life.”

Get War Poems, We Rested from Bandcamp. Buy some of Kelley’s scarves at her website.

13. “Hungry Mouth” – appleseeds! (single)

If you haven't heard "Hungry Mouth" then you haven't heard one of the best alternative songs new to January 2023!

I confess, another 2022 song but – come onnnn! — Denmark’s appleseeds! dropped this song on December 31. You were probably already asleep, so it’s officially one of the alternative songs new to January in my book. Too Good to be True Records indicates appleseeds! will release æblefrø on February 3.

Check out “Hungry Mouth” and get set for what promises to be an album of jangle pop perfection!.

“Hungry Mouth” is one of the top indie songs new to January and the album æblefrø will be full of them!.

14. “Joiner” – Blondshell (Blondshell)

Blondshell releases here S/T debut in April. Have a listen to "Sepsis." It is one of the top alternative songs new to January

Sabrina Teitelbaum is LA’s Blondshell, who writes about her toxic relationships with a candor that couldn’t care less. Dark indie rock echoing influences like PJ Harvey and Courtney Love. Some of it is sexualized, some of it is just dysfunctional emotion like “Sepsis.”

Blondshell comes out April 7. Pre-order your copy from Teitelbaum’s website.

15. “Anglepoise” – The Happy Somethings (A Gathering of Sorts)

The best 90 seconds of alternative rock I've heard so far this year...The Happy Somethings "Anglepoise."

Let’s finish this list with 90 seconds of fist-pumping guitar rock. England’s The Happy Somethings roll the rhythm from Bow Wow Wow’s “I Love Candy” under bubblegum guitar fuzz and twee Bangles vocals.

You’ll be singing “Anglepoise” all day, and you’re welcome.

Anglepoise was released January 1 and is still one of the catchiest alternative songs new to January and the New Year!

Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup update! Listen to headliners Weyes Blood, Alex G here

Update on the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup.  New bands announced!

Blockbuster final guests for the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup!

The Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup has been finalized.

When promoters announced the Kilby Block Party SLC five weeks ago, they left some sly holes in their lineup. The poster was filled with stars as placeholders for bands that hadn’t been finalized. One of the acts TBD had top billing with Pavement and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Imagine the logistics of coordinating dozens of bands into a 3-day window, dickering with band managers and site coordinators. Add to that, multiple top-shelf artists TBA. Now we know who the Kilby Block Party has added, and they’re as exciting as anyone announced to date for the Kilby Block Party SLC.

Mystery bands revealed for the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup

Some new big names are coming as part of the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup. Here’s a quick rundown of new bands. These are roughly in order of my personal preference and not top billing.

Weyes Blood

Weyes Blood announced for the Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup

The heralded artist known for 2019’s Titanic Rising and last year’s And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow, Natalie Mering has enchanted audiences with her emotive, chamber folk songs. Mering came to prominence just one year before the corona, so audiences are only now getting widespread opportunity to experience her live.

Here is “Everyday” from Titanic Rising.

Bookmark the Kilby Block party daily lineup right here:

Alex G

Alex G will play in SLC this spring!

God bless his heart, on God Save the Animals, Alex Giannascoli finally gave in and used professional engineers to record a series of songs about God and animals. Previously, Alex G insisted on doing most of the work from home. I’ve listened and re-listened to God Save the Animals the last several months to synch with those who compare Alex G to the incomparable Elliot Smith.

Make no mistake Alex G is a giant “get” for the Kilby Court Block Party 2023 lineup. I’m excited to see him play!

Here is one of Kilby’s best acts you may not know! Listen to Cuco right here!

Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf will play the Kilby Block Party SLC

Funky pop soul with an NC-17 rating. Former alpine ski Olympic hopeful and American Idol contestant, Remi Wolf’s 2021 debut Juno received considerable attention. It’s pretty heady stuff, a bit of SZA, The B-52’s and The Go! Team. In fact, sampling Juno made me want to go back and listen to Thunder, Lightening, Strike.

Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike announced for the Kilby Block Party

Euphoria actor, rapper, TikTokker

Kilby Block Party 2023 lineup tickets – New info on Super VIP’s. READ THIS

Organizers of the Kilby Court Block Party 2023 lineup obviously didn’t price themselves out of the market.

According to Kilby’s website, 3-Day Super VIP Passes are sold out. You can still buy regular, not-super 3-day VIP passes for $328. A small number of single day Super VIP passes are still available at $202 per day. General admission for all three days is $234.

Credit and payment plans accepted at

ALL OF THAT SAID, tonight I ordered and received a 3-day Super VIP Pass for the Kilby Court Block Party despite Kilby’s notice the ultra-super-incredible 3-day passes were sold out (see fine print in comments).

After taxes, fees, freight licenses, surcharges, inheritance and ZAPP taxes, my cost was was $432.51. Not a small amount and this includes no parking. But IT DOES get you super premium viewing and some kind of access to food trucks and alcohol that is not a cash bar.

Here’s to trusting your favorite music blogger has discovered a few of these super amazing tickets are still available.

Do it!!

New Belle and Sebastian album released! Is “Belle and Sebastian: The Movie” next?!

New Belle and Sebastian album: Late Developers

Wow fans, Stuart Murdoch and company are releasing a new Belle and Sebastian album. Late Developers, out January 13, comes just months since B&S triumphant return last year with A Bit of Previous. Developers is billed as a bigger, brighter and more playful release than A Bit of Previous. Early single “I Don’t Know What You See in Me” is a chugging dance number.

What do you think?

Pete Ferguson gets co-writing credit on “I Don’t Know What You See in Me,” a first for Belle and Sebastian.

The Scots’ 12th album was written at the same time as A Bit of Previous, with these tracks held back as a deliberate exclamation point to last year’s delightful release.

New Belle and Sebastian album also reaches into the past

In addition to this new chapter, the new Belle and Sebastian album includes a page from the past. “When the Cynics Stare Back From the Wall” is a 1994 song finally getting release. Fellow Glasgow resident Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura shares vocals. “Julie Naked” is an unreleased song from the Ethan Hawke’s movie five years ago.

Belle and Sebastian album previews new movie or rom-com?!

Belle and Sebastian album out January 13.  When will we see "Belle and Sebastian: The Movie"

Murdoch continues to work on a fictional memoir as he recovers from an illness that canceled tours in South America and Europe the last several months. He tells NME he hopes the stories based on his early years could end up as a TV show or movie. Murdoch calls the book,

a fiction, but based around my early adventures before the band were together, when I was struggling as a hapless musician for ages

Late Developers tracklist

Belle and Sebastian’s Late Developers has eleven tracks, which you can download starting January 13 from Bandcamp.

  1. Julie Naked
  2. Give a Little Time
  3. When We Were Very Young
  4. Will I Tell You a Secret
  5. So in the Moment
  6. The Evening Star
  7. When You’re Not With Me
  8. I Don’t Know What You See in Me
  9. Do You Follow
  10. When the Cynics Stare Back From the Wall
  11. Late Developers

Watch the video for “I Don’t Know What You See in Me” and order your copy of the new Belle and Sebastian album Late Developers tomorrow!